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What is Xsure?

Decentralised risk management

Xsure is a decentralized risk management platform that facilitates real-time communication between insurance providers and the end customer. With the help of machine learning and blockchain trust-less governance technologies we have managed to eliminate third parties from the whole insurance life-cycle and turn it into a dynamic process instead of a static one.

By using real-time data from IoT devices out platform offers analytics that shape insurance premiums on-the-fly, thus promoting loss prevention instead of compensation.


Our Roadmap

This is how we want the platform to evolve in the upcoming year.


The overall concept was born out of the necessity of having simple and accessible insurance products literally at our fingertips.

September 2017

Team formation and project approval

Once the architecture of our project was established, we expanded our team and sought approval from experts in our domain.

December 2017

Website and brand development

After receiving the green light from blockchain and insurance experts, we began developing our website and brand identity. It all started with a 25 ETH self-investment.

January 2018

Launch of Lightpaper and whitepaper

After many iterations of our Alpha draft, we came up with the first published version of the Xsure lightpaper and whitepaper.

February 2018

Launch of Website

After brainstorming on design and implementation, the first version of our website was released and launched this month.

March 2018

Token and crowdsale smart contract

This is intended as the final release of the token and crowdsale smart contract on github in order for them to get evaluated by an audit firm.

April 2018


This month marks the long-awaited start of our Initial Coin Offering.

June 2018

Platform Prototype

After a succesful first run with our ICO, we finally launch the Xsure Platform Prototype.

December 2018

Mobile App

Of course, the platform had to be accompanied by a mobile app. In february 2019 we plan to have our app up and running.

February 2019

Beta platform release

Once the platform has amassed enough feedback and popularity, we will undoubtedly release the Beta version.

March 2019

Xsure crowdsale details

We ve synthesized all the information you need.

Token Stats

  • Token symbol: XSR

  • Token standard: ERC-20

  • Total supply: 95.000.000 XSR

  • PreSale: 3000 ETH

    5000 XSR = 1 ETH
    Total PreSale release: 15.000.000 XSR
    Usd value (14 Mar): 1.384.257.97 USD
  • CrowdSale: 25000 ETH

    3000 XSR = 1 ETH
    Total CrowdSale release: 75.000.000 XSR
  • Usd value (14 Mar): 17,303,224.63 USD

Token Distribution

35% 15% 5% 15% 5% 5% 20%

Insurance Reserves

Will be allocated to insurance spheres.

Team and Founders

Will be allocated to team and founders.


Will be allocated to advisers that validated this project.

Marketing and communication

Will be allocated to marketing team and tools, also to bounty campaigns.


Will be allocated to operation costs.


Will be allocated to the legal department and legal adviser.

Development Team

Will be allocated to development team and tools.


Saverio Romeo

Lead IoT Expert

An erudite with impressive authority in Innovation Management, IoT and research. Saverio has three MSc degrees and is currently a research fellow at Birkbeck, University of London.

Larry Jacobsen

Innovation Specialist

Roger Braun

Digital Insurance Marketer

Emanuel Dumitru

Early cryptocurrency investor


Our Team

The visionaries who are eager to see more decentralized communities succeed.

Cosmin Stamate

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Research & development specialist with academic and industry experience in Deep Learning, is currently finishing his PhD at Birkbeck, University of London.

Marius Geru

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Computer science graduate and a PhD Marketing student, Marius believes that disrupting the insurance industry with the aid of blockchain technologies is the only way forward.

George Huidumac

Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Marketing and optimization research specialist with a degree in Economics, George encompasses all the knowledge necessary to manage every operational aspect at Xsure.

Alex Ciuperca

Blockchain Developer

The mastermind who lives, dreams and breathes Blockchain tech. Only an IT pro like him could develop Xsure at the drop of a hat.

Veronica Cucuiat

Platform Manager

Keimi Okamoto

Platform Developer

Cristina Ghinet

Creative Director

Noemi Tavitian

PR and Communication Strategist

An artist at heart, Noemi is a Creative Writing and American Studies graduate and also the creative lead at Xsure.

Oscar Teodoru

Web Developer

The go-to when it comes to coding websites, from layout to function. His skills brought to life the Xsure user experience.

Ionut Vlad

Senior Graphic Designer

The visionary of the team who added the stand-out touches to Xsure, turning it from a product into an identity.

Andrei Aschiopoaei

Graphic Designer

A Creative thinker with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Andrei lent his design ideas to the finalisation of our platform.

Andrei Boghiu

Digital Communication Specialist

Eager to explore and exploit digital marketing strategies on the blockchain using his Computer Science degree, Andrei acts as the communication expert on our Social Media channels.

The impact of the IoT on insurance

Global non-life premiums are up an estimated 3%
Cyber insurance premiums possibly reaching USD 14 billion by 2022
The estimated average claim size rose by 39% between 2006 and 2015
Global non-life premiums are forecast to increase by at least 3% in 2018 and 2019
  • Global non-life premiums are up an estimated 3%
  • Cyber insurance premiums possibly reaching USD 14 billion by 2022
  • The estimated average claim size rose by 39% between 2006 and 2015
  • Global non-life premiums are forecast to increase by at least 3% in 2018 and 2019

Connected “Things” in 2017


IoT investments by businesses in 2020


worldwide the installed base of the Internet of Things By 2020


of enterprises will adopt IoT products by 2020


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